Data Providers

ESPAS will provide access to the following diverse databases and data collections listed in the table below:

SourceTypes of data
Near-Earth space data from ground-based sensors and instruments
DIAS system Ionosonde parameters, ionograms, European maps of critical frequencies
— 8 Digisondes
ESWUA database Usable frequencies for HF communications and ionograms
European ionosondes
Tromsø, Gibilmanna, Sodankylä, Warsaw, Hornsund
Vertical sounding parameters and ionograms
EISCAT incoherent scatter radars Electron density profiles and temperatures from EISCAT
EISCAT dynasondes Ionosonde parameters, ionograms
Malvern ISR database Electron density profiles
GIRO databases Ionograms, skymaps and drift files from 50 Digisondes around the world
SWACI database TEC GNSS parameters and European maps
SuperDARN Convection maps
INGV magnetometers Magnetic field data from three permanent geomagnetic observatories in Italy
SGO magnetometer Magnetic field data from Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
DTU Space Magnetometer Network Magnetic field data from Greenland, Denmark and the South Atlantic
— 25 stations
IMAGE Magnetometer Network Magnetic field data covering geographic latitudes from 58 to 79 degrees
— 31 stations
TGO Magnetometer Network Magnetic field data from Svalbard to the south-west coast of Norway
— 14 stations
FPI database Neutral wind and neutral temperature at 240 km over 3 sites in Scandinavia.
Near-Earth space data from space-borne sensors
CLUSTER In situ electron density
DEMETER In situ electron density
SWACI database : CHAMP and GRACE Reconstructed electron density profiles and RO profiles
CHAMP ATMO Neutral Atmosphere data
FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Electron density profiles, RO data, TEC data
MAGION-3 database ELF/VLF wave experiment data.
PRS-3 synthesizer radiospectrometer data.
Data from cold thermal plasma in the topside ionosphere.
High-energy charged particle spectrometer data.
GIRO database: IMAGE/PRI Plasmagrams from Radio Plasma Imager
ACE Interplanetary magnetic field, solar wind density and velocity
SOHO LASCO coronagraph observations
PROBA2 Data from SWAP coronal imager
Data from LYRA EUV radiometer
NOAA/POES Calibrated and homogenized fluxes of energetic particles
ISIS/Alouette database Electron density profiles