The major aim of ESPAS is to provide an integrated access to the comprehensive set of near-Earth space data sources required for research across the European Research Area. ESPAS will provide access to state of the art data sources, will structure a unique data and resource access center and will provide the mechanisms for integrating disparate European research potential, creating the critical mass of shaping Europe's future programme in near-Earth space science and its applications. The final outcome of the project is the development and deployment of production quality services providing 24/7 access to the ESPAS facility, dedicated to the archiving, manipulation, search and modeling of data collected from past and future ground-based experiments and satellite missions.

The ESPAS work packages are integrated in the following three areas of an I3 project:

  • JRA Activities: to design the ESPAS data model and the system architecture; to develop the core and value-added services for access, visualization ; to test system's behavior through use cases (W6, WP7, WP8)
  • Service Activities: to deploy, operate and maintain the services with close monitoring, while providing quality assurance services to data providers (WP4, WP5);
  • Networking Activities: to define the overall strategy of ESPAS development and of its future operation and expansion, to define the policies about the use, access, identification of the incoming and outgoing data; to disseminate the results of the project both on the technical and scientific levels; to provide training to all ESPAS stakeholders (researchers, data and service providers) (WP1, WP2, WP3).


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