ESPAS Training School Presentations

These are the presentations made at the ESPAS Training School, held in Warsaw from 19th - 23rd October 2015.

Overview of the ESPAS Project - Anna Belehaki (NKUA)

How to register to use ESPAS - Anna Belehaki (NKUA)

Registering data sets in ESPAS - Antonis Lempesis (Athena RC)

The ESPAS System Architecture - Antonis Lempesis (Athena RC)

Ionospheric Radio Sounding principles and application - Bruno Zolesi (INGV)

How ESPAS fits in and what are its benefits? - Dieter Bilitza (George Mason University and NASA GSFC)

Ground Based Magnetometers - Eija Tanskanen (FMI)

Cluster and DEMETER satellite data - Fabien Darrouzet (BISA)

Incoherent and Coherent Radars - Ingemar Haggstrom (EISCAT)

IRI and DIAS Ionospheric models - Ioanna Tsagouri (NKUA)

The ESPAS Ontology - Ivan Galkin (LDI)

GNSS Ground Based Data - Mainul Hoque (DLR)

GNSS Radio Occultation - Mainul Hoque (DLR)

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